Features of Simply Local


Start, Discover and Join Conversations in the Neighborhood

With one click you can start a conversation about anything and link it to the neighborhood you want.

Click Discover and find all the conversations happening in your neighborhood, join them and post images or messages.

Designed for Simplicity and Ease of Use

Simply Local is as easy as it gets. It’s so easy to use that only a few clicks leads you to the full power of your neighborhood connections, information and posts.


Privacy Secured

We keep all private data encrypted, use the latest SSL technology and do not share any information with any third party.

Why use Simply Local?

Get a Physics Tutor

Join classes for any subject

Carpool to Office

Connect with people to carpool with

Invite Neighbors

Organize Festivals & Events

Looking for Tenants

Rent and find flatmates

Find a Workout Partner

Play sports with neighbors

Rising Burglaries

Stay aware about ongoing security issues

Lost your Dog?

Find information of missing, lost and found

Won a Tennis Tournament

Share your personal accolades in the neighborhood

Create a Chess Club

Make hobby and interest clubs in the area

Giveaway your Old Couch

Find buyers for your stuff in the colony

Need a Cleaner

Share request for local help - drivers, cleaners and more

Sell your Amazing Jam!

Market your home business - jams, clothes and more

Conversations with
Neighbors,Colony, Campus

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