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The most unique and innovative social network is now available for your neighborhood. You choose where your post should be visible. And you choose which area you want to read posts from.

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Technology for Tomorrow's Neighorhood!

Using the latest technology available we have developed the most secure social network for neighbors. Automatically follow and friend everyone in the neighborhood, read posts and share anything you want.

What's happening on Campus

With Gadfly - read and share news, make friends with neighbors
in your locality, start discussions and build a beautiful community.

  • 1
    Buy Sell Giveaways

    Want to buy or sell something, looking for a flatmate,
    or have special deals in the area. Start here.

  • 2
    Crime Report

    Crime updates, warnings, emergencies, security

  • 3
    Local News & Events

    You can share local area news,
    discussions, events, wishes, civic updates.

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Most Effective

Broadcasting System

Local Administration and Welfare Associations can take advantage of
geo-targeted broadcasting and reliably message residents of a specific
area of their responsibilities, progress, news and other information.

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